A thief is not a bear – he does not sleep during winter

Not all vehicles are used all year round. Antique cars, cabriolets, agricultural and construction machines often spend the winter closed in garages, where their owners look in rarely or not at all.

This is a treat for thieves who only lurk about to move valuable cars or equipment out. How to protect oneself and be sure that if this happens, lost goods will be recovered? The answer is one – by using the system of monitoring.

All season pampered, washed, polished, and during the wintertime secured and put away to warm spaces. This is the life of the majority of antique vehicles. Winter is not the time for driving Fiat 125p, Wołga or Mercedes SL of 1976. Winter is the time when the owners place their fancy cars in garages locked and bolted. And this is also the time when practically no agricultural works are carried out so utility rooms are full of tractors, combines, sprayers and choppers. Due to a break from works related to construction, there are also unused excavators, bulldozers, dump trucks and concrete mixers landing in areas used as car parks or halls, where they spend long months.

It is ideal time for thieves who are hoping that they can fence hot commodity or hide it long before an owner of a wonderful classic, cabriolet, construction machinery or expensive agricultural equipment worth tens or hundreds of thousand zlotys realizes that the property disappeared.

There are not too many ways that will help prevent oneself against this  scenario. Professionals without any problem circumvent alarms and open even the best locks. If you cannot avoid theft, is there at least a chance of recovering lost property? Yes. You can use the monitoring system of vehicles. Solutions commonly applied for this purpose use only the GPS signal, which can be easily jammed.

Every „self-respecting” thief is already equipped with a jammer, which makes stolen vehicle cannot be found because it disappears „from the radar” of the tracking company. With the help comes modern radio system, practically impossible to be jammed and extremely effective when it comes to locating vehicles.

„We have many times tracked down backhoe loaders, agricultural machinery and cars of different brands, including sport and antique vehicles. We have determined their location with an accuracy of up to a few centimetres, and this in just a few hours from the theft notification” – says Dominika Włodarczyk, Key Account Manager at Gannet Guard Systems.

„When a new car is stolen, there is always a chance to purchase identical. Automotive car pearls, antique unique cars are a completely different type of the owned goods. In the case of vehicles that have not been manufactured for decades, such possibility does not exist. Sometimes it turns out that a stolen item is the so – called „one in a million”, so the owner is not interested in compensation and reimbursements of the costs incurred. For him the most important is to recover lost treasure. And the radio system for vehicle location as well as the possibility to determine vehicle’s position is the only chance for recovery in this case. – says Dominika Włodarczyk.

She emphasizes that in the wintertime, many seasonal vehicles are less supervised by their owners. Hence, it becomes important to protect cars and machines using the radio system.

Source: www.inwestycje.pl