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szukanie samochodu

How to check the location of a car after theft?

Effective protection against car theft is extremely difficult, because modern thieves have tools that make it possible to break even the most advanced security features. However, there is one effective way to find a vehicle when it falls into the hands of robbers - GPS monitoring, of course. In this post, we explain how to…

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lokalizacje wirtualnie

How to protect vehicles against theft?

Car theft is no longer as common as it was in the 1990s and the first decade of the 21st century, but the phenomenon is still a real problem. According to the data, 20 vehicles disappear from Polish streets every day, of which only some can be recovered. Securing the four wheels is not easy…

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nawigacja GPS

How do fleet management systems work?

Thanks to the use of modern technologies, fleet management can be even simpler and more efficient. Currently, one of the best friends of every fleet manager are systems based on GPS locators - with their help you can not only optimize the logistics processes taking place in the company, but also constantly monitor the condition…

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spalanie samochodu

Jaki lokalizator GPS do motocykla wybrać?

Regularnie, co kilka dni, w serwisach społecznościowych pojawia się informacja „Skradziono mi motocykl…”. Takim sytuacjom nie da się w zasadzie zapobiec. Można za to zastosować zabezpieczenie jednośladu w postaci lokalizatora motocyklowego. Po co? By dało się odnaleźć maszynę, która padła łupem złodziei. Zalet tego rozwiązania jest zresztą więcej. Tylko w I kwartale br. zarejestrowano w…

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Kradzież samochodu

The most frequently stolen vehicles in Poland

In recent years, the number of stolen cars in our country has decreased. In 2019, however, some provincial headquarters and garrisons of the police recorded an increase in the activity of car thieves. What cars are most often stolen in Poland? From luxury limousines such as the Mercedes S-Class, through the super sports Aston Martins…

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