What is the e-Toll system and how does it work?

truck traffic under the highway gantry

Until the end of September this year, drivers of trucks, buses and vehicles with a total weight exceeding 3.5 tons were obliged to use the viaTOLL system, which was based on devices collecting data from gates on motorways. However, some changes took place on Polish roads in the last quarter of 2021. The main point here is that the viaTOLL system has been replaced by e-TOLL. What exactly are these changes and how does the e-TOLL system work?

How to start using the e-TOLL system? 

At the beginning, it is worth mentioning that in order for entrepreneurs to start using the E-TOLL system, they must complete the relevant formalities. We are talking here not only about the purchase of the E-TOLL device, but also about setting up an account on the official government portal etoll.gov.pl, where you must register a company or private person, provide the details of a vehicle and the purchased locator. In addition it is also necessary to top up the account with an amount of at least PLN 120 or EUR 30. Additionally, it is required to install the previously mentioned locator in the vehicle.

Entrepreneurs most often choose the OBU locators, i.e. On-Board Units, which can be moved between vehicles and are powered by a cigarette lighter socket. In addition, they also have at their disposal the ZSL, i.e. the External Location System, which is permanently installed and cooperates with the on-board computer and digital tachograph, and the e-TOLL application, which is simply installed on a mobile device that has access to the location.

How does the e-TOLL system work and what should you know about it ? 

The e-TOLL system differs from the previous viaTOLL system mainly in that it operates on the basis of satellite location. In practice, this means that it is a great convenience for drivers, because thanks to it, information about the location of a vehicle and rates for a specific road section are transmitted to the system on an ongoing basis. In addition, the introduction of the e-TOLL system is also associated with the elimination of gates, which results in shorter travel times as it does not require stopping.