Jeep Cherokee – medical emergency vehicle

Recoveries of Vehicles with Gannet Guard Systems

Lip 2021

Found: Jeep Cherokee – medical emergency vehicle

  • region: Mazowsze
  • found in: 1 h 00 min

On July 9, a few minutes after 1 am, a Jeep Cherokee serving as a specialized emergency medical vehicle was stolen in Warsaw. A person on duty from Gannet Guard Systems, based on the received alert, notified the vehicle owner of this fact.

Then, using the indications of the GPS / GSM module, he directed several police crews to the moving car and they started the chase. After a dozen or so minutes, the thief realized that the officers were on his trail and started a mad escape towards Nieporęt.

During the escape, the thief reached the Pilecki double roundabout in Rembelszczyzna, which he tried to overcome at a speed of over 180 km / h, braking to around 130 km / h. As you can guess, the maneuver to cross roundabouts at such a speed was unsuccessful – the thief lost control of the car, drove over an embankment in the middle of one of them, as a result of which the Jeep turned over and hit a fence of a property.

The thief was arrested by the police and medicated by… the Cherokee owner, who privately took part in the search for his stolen vehicle. Soon the Jeep burst into flames and, as there was an oxygen cylinder on board, there were several explosions that completely destroyed the car. Several fire trucks and many police crews appeared on the scene. Fortunately, no one was killed.

SYSTEM: GanTotal


To find this car we used our system
GanTotal Gannet Guard.

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