Mazda 6

Recoveries of Vehicles with Gannet Guard Systems

Area of discovery

Gru 2019

Found: Mazda 6

  • region: Warsaw
  • found in: 0 h 02 min

In the evening, Gannet Guard Systems headquarters received a notification of theft of Mazda 6. The car was stolen in the Warsaw district of Targówek. As a result of an extremely efficient operation, the car was tracked down after 2 minutes of theft being reported.

date of missing:

06.12.2019, 21:00

date of finding:

06.12.2019, 21:02

The GGS crew began tracking the stolen vehicle, informing the police on a regular basis about its location. Finally, the stolen vehicle was found in the place indicated by Gannet Guard Systems. The whole action lasted several minutes. The thieves fled the scene, abandoning the car. After half an hour the client was brought by the police to the place where the vehicle was found. During the criminal activities, the traces of the thieves were secured. The car was found thanks to the GanTrack Plus system, which was equipped with a vehicle movement warning system – informing that the vehicle which was to remain unused during those hours was moving. Thanks to its use, it was possible to track the car during the theft.

SYSTEM: GanTrack PLUS Gold

To find this car we used our system
GanTrack PLUS Gold Gannet Guard.

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