Toyota Land Cruiser

Recoveries of Vehicles with Gannet Guard Systems

Area of discovery

Maj 2019

Found: Toyota Land Cruiser

  • region: Warsaw

On Saturday, May 25, at night, Gannet Guard Systems received a notification of theft of Toyota Land Cruiser, which "disappeared" from one of the underground parking lots in the capital city.

date of missing:

25.05.2019, 02:00

date of finding:

25.05.2019, 06:00

The car park was guarded and monitored. When the security guard realized that a theft was taking place, he tried to stop the car, blocking the thieves from escaping. Determined thieves tried to knock him down. The security guard informed the owner about the incident, who reported the case to the police and our alarm center.  The GGS team found the Land Cruiser just after an hour. It was parked by the thieves to “cool down” in Warsaw’s Ursynów. The car was inact. In the morning, the rightful owner recovered the secured vehicle.