Audi SQ7

Recoveries of Vehicles with Gannet Guard Systems

Area of discovery

Cze 2019

Found: Audi SQ7

  • region: Wroclaw
  • found in: 0 h 15 min

On June 25, Gannet Guard Systems received a notification about the theft of Audi SQ7. Thanks to the quick reaction of our tracking teams, in just 15 minutes we were able to determine the coordinates of the place where the vehicle was located.

date of missing:

25.06.2019, 15:30

date of finding:

25.06.2019, 15:45

The car was stolen from the suburbs of Wroclaw and found on one of the private properties in Oława.  The car was secured on site by the police and after the end of the whole action left on its own wheels.

SYSTEM: GanTrack


To find this car we used our system
GanTrack Gannet Guard.

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