How do companies renting cars for a minute know what’s going on with them?

…”Most of the “shared” cars can be rented from specific points, as in the case of urban bikes, using a special application and account in the operator’s system of a given solution. As part of the service launch, you must share your name, email address, telephone number, credit card number, and your driver’s license with your data provider. This makes it possible to rent a vehicle for a few minutes, an hour or a day. Car rental companies – in order to efficiently manage the rental system and at the same time secure their property – apply of course proper solutions. “Most of them use the simplest GPS / GSM modules to monitor cars” notes Dariusz Kwakszys from Gannet Guard Systems. “These types of devices allow you to check your vehicle’s location either on demand, at the time of remote module call, as well as during the entire time of using a car. Thus, they can control where a given car is moving, and in connection with renting by a particular logged person also state that in the last two days, a given person has rented the car three times and covered certain routes “– adds Dariusz Kwakszys…

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