How do fleet management systems work?

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Thanks to the use of modern technologies, fleet management can be even simpler and more efficient. Currently, one of the best friends of every fleet manager are systems based on GPS locators – with their help you can not only optimize the logistics processes taking place in the company, but also constantly monitor the condition of company vehicles. In this post, we explain the tasks for which fleet management systems are effective.

Effective supervision over a team of drivers 

Unfortunately, not all drivers feel fully responsible for the company vehicles entrusted to them – as a result, the staff may be involved in various types of abuse. One of the more common problems is driving too recklessly, which may not only involve the risk of an accident or an expensive fine, but also significantly higher fuel consumption. Subordinates sometimes use company vehicles for private purposes, e.g. shopping or driving children to school. Installation of the GPS system will allow you to eliminate such undesirable practices – an employee who is aware of the monitoring of driving style, drives more carefully, obeys road regulations and uses the fleet only for the performance of official duties.

Of course, the fleet management system does not have to act only as a bogey. With the help of the GPS for a truck  , you can also efficiently record the actual working time of drivers, the number of stops or the length of routes traveled. The information obtained in this way will allow you to keep accurate reports and will allow for more convenient settlement of employees.

Current monitoring of the vehicles condition 

Although fleet management systems based on GPS technology are primarily associated with determining the position of given vehicles, the capabilities of these devices do not end there! Modern locators make it possible to monitor many important parameters related to your fleet on an ongoing basis – we are talking here about, among others the current fuel consumption, the state of indicator lamps, and even the revs and mode of operation of the engine. If the system detects any irregularity, it will notify you immediately, e.g. via a classic SMS or an alert in the mobile application.

The option of remotely viewing the condition of vehicles has mutual benefits – it provides you with more complete control over the fleet, and it provides the driver with an additional sense of security on the road. Sensors integrated with the system will also allow to detect certain types of abuse, e.g. related to fuel theft.

Lower costs related to the fleet maintenance 

As mentioned before, fleet management systems have a positive impact on the behavior of drivers behind the wheel. In practice, this means driving in accordance with ecodriving, which significantly reduces fuel consumption, and thus also the costs associated with the maintenance of the fleet. Careful maneuvering will also be beneficial for the vehicles themselves, as they will be less prone to accidents or failures related to excessive overloads.

The ability to track and later analyze the position of vehicles means that you can also optimize routes for your fleet. As our experience shows, the use of GPS monitoring can reduce fuel costs and vehicle servicing by up to 30 percent! There are also issues relating to vehicle maintenance. Fleet management systems allow you to create schedules and plan special notifications that will inform you in a timely manner about the need to perform a preventive technical inspection. By keeping your fleet in perfect condition, you will not be surprised by any unexpected downtime.

Protection in case of theft 

The fleet management system can also be successfully used as a security. GanFLEET monitoring available in our offer will allow you to keep track of the location of vehicles and transported cargo – thanks to this, you will protect yourself not only against thieves, but also against dishonest employees. Installing a GPS locator is not a big expense at all, and in the event of a theft, it really increases the chances of recovering the vehicle from the hands of robbers. All you need is a quick reaction and the transfer of coordinates to the appropriate services – the accuracy of a few meters will make it possible to easily find the “loss”.