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When the infrastructure crucial for a company’s operation exhausts its potential and requires replacement, it is worth turning to a trusted partner who will help develop a strategy for IT modernization and transformation, taking into account the latest available solutions and technologies, while at the same time preparing the company for the challenges of the future. Information is the key to success in business in the 21st century.

Knowing where each of a fleet’s cars or each of the machines of a machine park is, knowing how many kilometers they traveled, where and when they were refueled or how much time and for what reason they spent in a workshop, you can find patterns that will allow you to develop plans for the future and optimize procedures. This, in turn, will quickly translate into greater efficiency, faster responses to changing needs, better use of resources and time savings, and thus ultimately – greater profits.

Experts with traditions

This invaluable information can be provided by Gannet Guard Systems, which specializes in vehicle tracking and monitoring systems. Gannet’s solutions use both a GPS location system and radio systems, ensuring the ability to monitor the location of any vehicles and moving objects – cars, construction machinery, railway wagons or containers.

The offer of the company operating on the Polish market since 1997 is still expanding. It includes products aimed at private individuals and organizations of various sizes, which offer tools and information to manage a fleet, monitor the work of drivers and ensure their safety, improve logistics and decision-making chains, and finally – recover stolen cars and devices. The last part of the company’s activity brings …



Jak innowacyjna macierz Dell EMC PowerStore umożliwiła przyspieszenie procesów i wsparła biznes Gannet Guard Systems