How to check the location of a car after theft?

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Effective protection against car theft is extremely difficult, because modern thieves have tools that make it possible to break even the most advanced security features. However, there is one effective way to find a vehicle when it falls into the hands of robbers – GPS monitoring, of course. In this post, we explain how to use such a device to determine the exact location of a stolen car.

How do car – mounted location devices work?  

The basis of the entire monitoring system is a special transmitter that must be installed inside a vehicle.The devices available in our offer are light and small, thanks to which they can be mounted in an invisible place – this is extremely important, because only then the equipment will remain unnoticed by potential thieves.

GPS locators use signals emitted by satellites to determine their position. Messages containing the so-called time stamps allow the device to perform calculations – the obtained result is the coordinates, i.e. latitude and longitude, given with an accuracy of up to 2 meters (the measurement error may of course be slightly larger, e.g. in unfavorable area conditions).

Unfortunately, devices that use only GPS / GSM modules are not infallible – the equipment is prone to loss of coverage both in underground parking lots and as a result of interference with tools used by robbers. For this reason, it is worth choosing a locator that also uses radiolocation. The combination of both technologies makes the transmitter virtually undetectable and its operation cannot be blocked by jammers.

How does the process of checking the location of a stolen vehicle work?

The GPS car locators we offer provide  many options for location monitoring –  the user can use both a computer program, any web browser, and a mobile application for a smartphone. All you need to do is launch any of these platforms to check the exact location of a vehicle on the map in real time. The system provides not only the current address view, but also additional indicators, such as the distance traveled so far, and even the speed at which the observed vehicle is currently moving.

An alternative solution is to set alerts that will be sent to the owner in certain situations, for example, when an unauthorized engine start occurs or the car leaves a designated geozone. When the device detects undesirable actions, it will immediately notify you via a classic SMS, push notification or messages on the website.

The information obtained with the help of the locator can be immediately passed to the police. The location of the vehicle and the data on its route are sufficient for the services to be able to track the vehicle and recover it from the hands of thieves.

Correct installation is the key to proper monitoring operation. 

In order for the location system to work efficiently and not be visible to outsiders, it is necessary to ensure its proper installation. The installation of GPS locators is quite a complicated process that in most cases requires interference with the vehicle’s electronic system, so we recommend that specialists take care of it.

Fixing the transmitter in a suitable place guarantees not only protection against dismantling, but also against disruptions in operation. It should be remembered that some materials (especially metal) block satellite signals – as a result, the locator may have problems with giving a reliable position.