GPS transmitters for cars – which one to choose?

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Not only owners of more expensive vehicles decide to buy GPS trackers. The dissemination of technology and the drop in its price have made professional telemetry solutions available today to virtually every owner who cares about the safety of his car. You would also like to take advantage of the possibilities offered by advanced GPS transmitters, but you do not know which model to choose? In this post, we explain what you should keep in mind when choosing the best locating device.

What are the advantages of having a GPS locator?

Vehicle locators based on GPS technology are used as additional protection for a vehicle. The reason is prosaic – other security systems are not too much of a challenge for experienced thieves. That is why it is worth supplementing classic protection measures, such as gearbox locks, car alarms or immobilizers with a GPS locator for a car. This small gadget will allow you to determine the position of your vehicle in the event of theft with an accuracy of up to several meters.Such information really increases the chance of efficient recovery of stolen property.

However, the possibilities of modern transmitters do not end there. More advanced models may also remind you of an upcoming technical inspection or the need to extend your insurance policy. Locator integrated with the sensor system will also provide a lot of information about the condition of a vehicle – we are talking here about, among others current fuel consumption or engine operation. Telemetry solutions will be useful not only in your private life, but also in your business activities. If you run your own shipping company, with the help of a GPS locator you will be able to better control your drivers, reduce fleet maintenance costs and optimize routes.

What to look for when choosing a GPS transmitter?

The basis of a good GPS locator is its small size, which will allow you to place the device in an inconspicuous place, e.g. under the dashboard, in the passenger compartment or in the trunk. This is very important because the device left on top will be quickly noticed by a thief and will be removed from the vehicle. So, it is a good idea to buy a transmitter with a magnetic mount.

Proper battery life is equally important. Of course, you can choose a model that does not have its own power system and is connected directly to the electrical system of your vehicle, but we do not recommend this solution. Why? If a thief disconnects or removes the battery, the transmitter will lose its power source. Monitoring with its own energy storage will be a better choice.

When choosing a transmitter, also pay attention to what the locating system is equipped with. We know from experience that radio modules work best, because their work won’t be jammed by the commonly used GPS / GSM jammers. Radio waves are also less susceptible to the negative impact of the environment – so you will have no problem locating a vehicle that is even in an underground parking lot or a metal container. The radio system is also much more accurate (the measurement error is only a few centimeters).

GanTrack – the perfect locator for every driver

In our offer you will find a GPS transmitter that combines all the features described above. GanTrack is a radio post-theft tracking system available in several variants tailored to your individual needs.  The device is not only compact, but also has its own battery power, fully independent of a vehicle itself – thanks to the sleep mode, the built-in battery is able to last from 3 to even 5 years!The monitoring is also completely safe for your vehicle – installation of the device does not require any interference with the vehicle’s electrical installation. So you don’t have to worry about any damage or loss of the manufacturer’s warranty.

What’s more, the radio signal emitted by the locator has a great range, resistant to the so-called jammers, as well as unfavorable weather and terrain conditions. GanTrack also provides convenient access to information – the current position of a vehicle can be checked using the mobile application (compatible with Android and iOS systems) or a special internet platform.