Manage your employees using a smartphone.

How to control employees in order to improve the performance of a company? The answer is an application for managing mobile resources, allowing for better organization of execution of orders.
It is essential for many companies to effectively manage not only the park of machines, the fleet of cars, but also the actions of employees. Downtimes, prolonged breaks or insufficient coverage in the area contribute to reducing company’s potential and reduce the profits of executed orders. A suitable mobile application can become a response to most of these problems. It is, among others, offered by Gannet Guard Systems. Thanks to the Eurofleet application, all fleet owners have access to information about the tasks performed by employees.
One of the features is the option to set the so-called customer visits. It gives the ability to select visited points along with the time spent there. After the addition of the visit, the program takes the GPS location and enables assigning notes to particular markings at the clients, dealers, points. This makes that employees and managers can determine precisely the scope of activities. It facilitates the organization of working time and improves productivity. It also allows you to clearly define responsibilities, which your employee should perform in the place of the order.
Another addition is the ability to share orders. These are tasks sent by a supervisor/coordinator to the person concerned that may be accepted, rejected or terminated if the order is made. An example? Taxi drivers take courses sent to them by the coordinators or forgo them. That is exactly how the Eurofleet works.
How does the application facilitate the management of a company and employees? It gives the possibility of further reporting the number of visited points. As a result, the employer is able to determine his employee’s performance and accordingly commission him specific tasks that will have a real chance of implementation. Thanks to it, he will gain insight into the time that subordinates spent in specific locations and which locations they usually choose.
The Eurofleet also allows fleet management. It gives access to information on vehicles with visualization of the routes travelled by monitored individuals. Another advantage is the alarm function. Fleet manager is informed directly through the program installed on a mobile device, e.g. about starting an engine at night. The application also gives you access to the reports on stops/drive, which show how many hours a given vehicle (e.g. construction machine) worked and how much time it stood idly by. Fleet manager using the tool prepared by Gannet Guard Systems will also control at what hours fleet vehicles were used. Fixed working hours e.g. 8-19 facilitate the control of the use of cars during the operation and beyond.
The Eurofleet application is available for devices with Android and iOS systems.
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