The most frequently stolen vehicles in Poland

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In recent years, the number of stolen cars in our country has decreased. In 2019, however, some provincial headquarters and garrisons of the police recorded an increase in the activity of car thieves. What cars are most often stolen in Poland?

From luxury limousines such as the Mercedes S-Class, through the super sports Aston Martins and to the old small and big Fiats – there is no sanctity for thieves as long as they can earn money from a stolen car. The list of the most stolen cars in Poland includes mainly cars of German manufacturers (due to their popularity in our country), but also representatives of the Japanese automotive industry (especially in Mazovia) and French manufacturers.

The most frequently stolen cars in Poland

In 2012, among the 10 most stolen cars – according to the official data of the National Police Headquarters – the first place was occupied by Volkswagen Golf (1,128), the second by Volkswagen Passat (915), and the third and fourth ones were respectively Audi A4 (690) and Audi A6 (332). A theft of Audi, including the theft of a luxury Audi A6, significantly exceeded the thieves’ interest in such models as the Honda Civic (306 – fifth on the list of “most stolen cars”), Fiat Cinquecento (303 – sixth on the list of the most stolen cars) or Seat Leon ( 272 – the eighth model among the most stolen cars). An interesting fact was that in the top 10 stolen cars in Poland there were no thefts of BMW or Mercedes.

What are the most frequently stolen cars today? The policemen do not want to disclose this, excusing themselves with the lack of relevant data or their insignificant importance from the point of view of the phenomenon of vehicle theft offenses. It is therefore extremely difficult to create a list of the most frequently stolen cars.

However, it is no secret that cars are most often stolen in Poland from streets and unguarded parking lots.

Ranking of stolen cars –which premium class cars are stolen the most often.

Conclusions regarding the most frequently stolen cars in Poland can be drawn, inter alia, on the basis of messages published on the websites of individual police headquarters and garrisons or from articles in the automotive press. Usually, we will find out what the most frequently stolen car brands in Poland are. Data on specific models appear much less frequently. Nevertheless, we may try to make a list of stolen cars.

In Warmia and Mazury in 2019, Audi cars were the most frequently stolen vehicles, i.e., representatives of the premium segment. The ranking of stolen cars in Greater Poland is opened by models of French manufacturers (Renault Megane, Renault Clio, Citroen C3).Fords (Fiesta and Mondeo), as well as Hyundai i20 and i30 take further positions.

When it comes to Warsaw and the surrounding area, it can be assumed that the situation has not changed much compared to 2018, when the question “which cars are the most stolen” was answered: Toyota (including the most common: Auris, Yaris and Avensis), Mazdas (6, 3 and CX-5) and Honda (CR-V, Civic and Accord). The police informed that in 2019 there was a significant increase in thefts – from 2,192 to 2,432 cases. Therefore, the chief of the capital police decided to increase the number of officers in the Department for Combating Car Crime.

It can be assumed with a high degree of probability that in the Silesian Voivodeship the ranking of stolen cars is opened by Audi, Volkswagen and BMW cars. The list of the most stolen cars is similar in Lower Silesia, where Mercedes is also joining the vehicles of the mentioned manufacturers. This means that the theft of Audi and BMW cars is quite possible in the southwest of the country.

Some clue as to which premium cars are stolen the most can be recoveries done by Gannet Guard Systems. In 2019, thanks to the vehicle location systems it offers, it was possible to recover, among others, Mercedes S-class, three Toyota Land Cruisers, Audi SQ7, BMW X5 and X6, Audi RS7, Lexus RX, Audi Q7 and Mercedes S Coupe 63 AMG.

The list of stolen cars in Poland is much, much longer. It includes not only luxury cars, but also a good old Fiat 126p, Nissan Almera and Opel Corsa.

Police reports indicate that the most frequently stolen cars in Poland are young cars, from 2018-2014. The reason is prosaic, because the question “which cars are stolen by thieves” can be answered directly: those whose sale in whole or in part brings criminals the most profit. Why are we talking about components?

The information provided by the policemen dealing with this subject shows that the stolen cars are less and less often taken outside the country. After theft, cars go to the so – called chop shop. There, they are disassembled into components. Parts useful to traders are taken by them and put up at internet auctions, and useless parts are sent to scrap yards. Some of the stolen vehicles are intended for the used car market in Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine.