Jazda z e-TOLL

Driving with e-TOLL. The whole truth about the new toll collection system

e-TOLL is a new electronic toll collection system that replaces the known for years viaTOLL. It is obligatory for motor vehicles and vehicle combinations with a permissible total weight of more than 3.5 tons. It also covers all types of buses. What is worth knowing about it? The decision to introduce e-TOLL instead of viaTOLL…

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Helping others feels good.

When we heard that a car of Marcin "Borkoś" Borkowski, who is a paramedic, had been stolen, we could not do anything but react. We have secured his MotoAmbulance with the GanTotal system, which will allow the vehicle to be recovered in case it is stolen. "Borkoś" has been working as a paramedic for many…

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Kradzieże samochodów w wakacje

Car thieves don’t take a summer vacation

Mercedes AMG CLA, Mazda CX-5, Lexus RX, Mini One – these cars, among others, were stolen this summer. Criminals do not have holidays and take advantage of the appearance of tourists or holiday trips of car owners. How does car thefts look like during the holidays? Opportunity makes the thief, and if so, a car…

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kradzież samochodu

The most often stolen cars in Poland!

How many cars were stolen in Poland in 2019, and how many cars were stolen in 2020? Which cars are most often stolen? We got to the official police reports and now we know what the situation is. Good news to start with: the number of stolen cars is decreasing year by year. The statements…

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Sprzęt do kradzieży

Thieves jam mightily

A GPS / GSM signal jammer has become one of the basic tools used by car thieves. No wonder - it makes it possible to "disarm" most of the monitoring systems that cars are equipped with.Fortunately, there is a way to deal with this. “Police from Poznań detained a 45-year-old man suspected of fencing stolen…

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Which cars are not stolen? Those that are labelled.

Most cars are stolen for parts – admit police officers from car crime departments. However, criminals can be effectively discouraged from taking an interest in a specific vehicle. It is enough to mark its elements with special numbers visible only under ultraviolet light after using an application. After theft, a car ends up in a…

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Car wheels are being stolen.

In the 1990s and early 2000s, theft of light alloy wheels, which were scarce on the market, was a plague. The practice of wheel stealing seems to be making a comeback - especially in big cities. If you want to equip a brand-new Mercedes GLA with a set of 19-inch rims (AMG design), you have…

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Modern technologies make it possible to find missing children.

Disappearance of a child is one of the greatest tragedies a parent can encounter. Thanks to the use of modern locators designed for children, every mother and father can take care of their children also outside the home. According to the missing persons statistics reported to the ITAKA Foundation last year, more than 10 percent…

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You can get an alert about a car theft!

The key to successful finding a stolen car is the quick reaction time of the tracking teams. Thanks to the newest technologies, location modules  can inform about theft of a vehicle when thieves start their activities. Car thieves are still active on the Polish market.  Earlier this month, the Central Police Investigation Bureau (CBŚP) split…

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16 zastosowań modułów lokalizacyjnych: od lokalizowania psa po monitoring ciężarówek i silników zaburtowych łodzi

Moduły lokalizacyjne umożliwiają efektywniejsze zarządzanie flotami pojazdów, ratują pszczoły, pomagają seniorom i umożliwiają odzyskiwanie skradzionych samochodów. A to nie koniec ich możliwości.  Moduły lokalizacyjne dzielą się na te wykorzystujące technologię GPS/GSM oraz działające w oparciu o określone pasma sygnałów radiowych. Pierwsze mają zazwyczaj wbudowaną kartę SIM, dzięki której możliwy jest kontakt z modułem na bieżąco…

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Flota mercedesów

The popularity of fleet monitoring systems will continue to grow!

By 2022, there will be 15.6 million vehicles equipped with monitoring systems in Europe. More than half, i.e., 9.1 million, will go to cars traveling on the roads of Central and Eastern Europe and Russia, according to the latest report by the Berg Insight research company. Reason? Modern companies focus on telematics solutions, because thanks…

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