The differences between via-Toll and e-Toll.

Refrigerated truck driving on the highway

Drivers of trucks, buses or other vehicles with a total weight exceeding 3.5 tonnes use a special toll collection system on a daily basis. Until now, it was the viaTOLL system. However, from October 2021, changes will apply on Polish roads and a new solution, i.e. e-TOLL, will apply on the roads. Moreover, drivers will face both solutions in September. What is the change and how is viaTOLL different from e-TOLL?

How did the viaTOLL system work and what will change?

Drivers of vehicles which total weight exceeds 3.5 tonens must prepare for the changes that await them at the end of the year. The e-TOLL toll collection system will introduce several changes to their work. The operation of the previous system, i.e. viaTOLL, was based on devices that collected data from gates on motorways.

The introduction of the e-TOLL system is a big change as drivers will be dealing with satellite positioning technology at the end of the year. In practice, this means that information on the location of a vehicle will be provided on an ongoing basis along with the rates applicable for specific road sections.

How will drivers benefit from this change and how can they use e-TOLL? 

The great advantage of introducing e-TOLL for trucks or buses is the fact that the gantries (popularly known as gates) are eliminated, which will shorten the travel time. It is worth emphasizing, however, that the new system forces entrepreneurs to modernize or replace devices that they used in connection with the viaTOLL system currently in force. Depending on their needs, they can choose one of three solutions. The first is the ZSL (External Location System), which is permanently installed and works with a digital tachograph and on-board computer.

OBU (On Board Unit) is a portable device powered by a cigarette lighter socket. The most convenient solution for many entrepreneurs will certainly be the choice of the e-TOLL application, because thanks to this, they will not have to carry out additional modifications. Just install it on your mobile device. However, it is important for drivers to remember that the e-TOLL application requires access to location information.