specialized vehicle marking system

Most cars are stolen for parts, so if you want to protect your vehicles from such actions, it is worth using modern solutions. GanDNA labeling is one of the most effective ways to protect vehicles, machinery and property.

GanDNA labeling is a special system for marking passenger cars and trucks, but not only. This solution is also perfect for construction and agricultural machines, as well as two-wheelers – motorbikes or scooters. They can also be used on production lines, devices for cosmetic or medical treatments, and even laptops.

The special GanDNA labeling system is carried out using two technologies:

  • The first one uses modern sensors applied to many elements of a vehicle, in which basic information is stored, i.e., the owner of a vehicle, vehicle make and model, and the VIN number.
  • The other one uses individual identifiers that are applied to individual elements of a car in the form of a special mixture of UV varnish and a colorless hardener. As a result, they are characterized by exceptional durability and resistance to weather conditions. Importantly, the numbers can only be read using ultraviolet light.

The GanDNA marking product has received a professional class in the assessment of security effectiveness – decision LEP / 0001/2018/3 issued by the Kielce University of Technology.  The Kielce University of Technology, apart from the Automotive Industry Institute (PL PIMOT), is the only institution in Poland that is authorized to issue the lists of devices and technologies securing against theft.


The GanDNA technology is used in securing all kinds of:

  • passenger cars,
  • trucks,
  • machines: agricultural, construction and industrial,
  • agricultural tractors,
  • two-wheelers: scooters and motorcycles,
  • other vehicles.

Each vehicle marked with the GanDNA method receives a special information sticker, which is placed, among others, on a windshield. Only one particle – a sensor – is enough for the police to identify the owner of a vehicle or its parts.

What do you get?


Działanie prewencyjne przed kradzieżą

maszyny i pojazdy znakowane są specjalnymi sensorami i lakierem UV oraz nakleją, która informuje o wykorzystaniu systemu GanDNA. Pozbycie się go jest praktycznie niemożliwe, a próba usunięcia może uszkodzić oznakowany element.

zarzadzanie flotą

Aplikacja na telefon

pozwala na szybką i bezproblemową identyfikację obiektu poprzez odczytywanie danych z sensorów. Aplikacja jest kompatybilna z urządzeniami mobilnymi z systemem Android oraz iOS.


Podniesienie wartości przedmiotu

tak identyfikowany przedmiot czy pojazd ma wyższą wartość na rynku.