GanTrack 3R

GanTrack Silver

After-theft radio-based tracking system

GanTrack is a system of radio tracking of vehicles after theft. The locator makes it possible to find a missing vehicle thanks to the use of a radio frequency band that cannot be jammed by the GPS/GSM, jammers.  It does not lose range in underground garages or steel containers – radio signals escape even through micro-cracks, which makes effective vehicle tracking possible. 

At the time of installation, the device goes into sleep mode and is activated by the Gannet Guard System units only after the theft has been reported. This action on the one hand prevents a thief from finding the place where the locator was installed, and on the other hand provides full privacy to the user of a vehicle.

An additional advantage is its own independent power supply. The battery lasts up to 5 years. The sensor does not interfere with the factory electrical installation, so it is useless to disconnect the battery. A client in whose vehicle the GanTrack system is installed does not have to worry about losing the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • The most effective after-theft tracking system

  • Impossible to be jammed by GPS / GSM jammers commonly used by thieves.

  • Works in underground parking lots and in containers.

  • Location throughout Poland.

  • The module has its own power supply - battery replacement every 36 months.

  • The module operates in the passive mode - it does not track and is activated only in the event of theft after being reported by the user.

  • It makes it possible to locate a vehicle to within a few centimetres.