Stolen backhoe loader worth 170 thousand zlotys tracked down in 2 hours

Such information appeared in the network after our last tracking.

Less than two hours – that was the amount of time needed by the police officers from Ursynow to find a stolen backhoe loader. The machine worth 170 thousand zlotys disappeared from the premises at Baletowa Street. It was tracked down in Janki.

The police received a theft report at around 9.30. As the officers agreed, thieves entered the area of one of the premises at Baletowa Street, where there was an opened backhoe loader. Making sure that no one sees, they climbed into the machine worth approximately 170 thousand zlotys and drove off.

When collecting evidence, investigators determined the place where the stolen machine could be located. These were warehouses in the area of Janki.

 Arrested for fencing of stolen property

Their lead was right. On reaching the spot, they found the machine. They also arrested a 56-year – old owner of the premises. Marek S. has already been questioned and has been accused of handling stolen goods. Now he faces up to 5 years in prison.

According to the police, the case is, however, developmental . Investigators determine other people who may be related to the theft.


Source: tvnwarszawa.tvn24.pl