The 20th anniversary of Gannet Guard Systems

… “The popularity of some car models among thieves is so large that they can “hunt” the same vehicle more than once. The operating units of Gannet Guard Systems twice recovered Toyota Auris – it was the first case of this type in the history of the Polish branch. The same situation took place a few weeks ago. “On September 29, we received a report about the theft of Mazda CX-5 in Katowice. This car, once, last year, fell prey to the amateurs of someone else’s property and was found thanks to the use of the GanTrack system. And that was also the case this time. We found the car after less than an hour in Zabrze. The thieves left the CX-5 to “cool down” on one of the settlements. After providing the police with the coordinates of the place where the car was parked, the police secured the car and handed it over to the owner ” – says Dariusz Kwakszys, IT Manager at Gannet Guard Systems” …


source: http://www.truck-van.pl/newsy/4706-20-lecie-gannet-guard-systems.html