These cars are a tasty morsel for a thief

“Monitoring systems give a chance to return a stolen car to the hands of the rightful owner. The most common, using GPS / GSM signals, are, however, prone to jamming. “More and more thieves are equipped with devices that make it easy to find a GPS / GSM location module on board and disrupt its operation.” – notes Mirosław Marianowski, security expert at Gannet Guard Systems. “At the moment, the most effective and most reliable systems are those that use radio waves that are only woken up at the time of theft, which eliminates the risk of device detection by thieves. In addition, they have their own battery power, which allows them to be fitted in any desired place in the car “- adds Mirosław Marianowski. …

source: http://www.motofakty.pl/artykul/te-auta-to-lakomy-kasek-dla-zlodzieja.html