Thieves choose the most expensive vehicles

… “Interest in expensive cars is also confirmed by representatives of companies dealing with the recovery of stolen vehicles. – Just visit the bookmark ‘Recoveries’ on our website to notice that thieves are interested in cars costing more than 100 thousand zlotys – notes Dariusz Kwakszys Gannet Guard Systems. – In September, we managed to recover Audi A6 stolen in the Mazowieckie Voivodship worth nearly 300,000 PLN. This year we also recovered another Audi A6, Range Rover or various BMW models, and in September Volvo excavator and Caterpillar bulldozer – the market price of machines is over half a million zlotys!   Thieves, no doubt, like the premium class today. “…

source: https://www.motocaina.pl/artykul/zlodzieje-wybieraja-najdrozsze-pojazdy-30215.html