Cars stolen in Poland go to Africa. New methods of thieves.


“Premium brand cars are still disappearing in Poland. Contrary to appearances, however, they are not dismantled or transported to the east. It is best to look for cars on container ships in western seaports. From there, they go to buyers in Africa. There is no shortage of people willing to buy cars from Poland in Algeria, Morocco or Mauritania”.

In mid-December, we received a notification of the appropriation in France of Audi RS3, Audi S3 and Mercedes GLC 43 AMG belonging to one of the Polish car rental companies. The thieves made an attempt to remove the GPS / GSM modules that were part of the monitoring system. However, the presence of a radio module, also part of this system, made it possible to locate the cars. The vehicles were in containers on a ship that was to sail from Antwerp, Belgium to Ghana in West Africa”. explains Mirosław Marianowski, security manager at Gannet Guard Systems.

Source: https://www.auto-swiat.pl/wiadomosci/aktualnosci/auta-kradzione-w-polsce-trafiaja-do-afryki-nowe-metody-zlodziei/pwsc12m?fbclid=IwAR3nHLKUG0CxPQvt6r-zzIvBQpeoHxbq_1Wr3Tz6HRETdJ_OCLvvu2vK6i4