Thieves jam mightily


A GPS / GSM signal jammer has become one of the basic tools used by car thieves. No wonder – it makes it possible to “disarm” most of the monitoring systems that cars are equipped with.Fortunately, there is a way to deal with this.

“Police from Poznań detained a 45-year-old man suspected of fencing stolen Mercedes worth 300 thousand zlotys. Additionally, they secured the jammers of GPS and GSM signals”.

“Police officers of the district headquarters in Chrzanów detained three people suspected of car theft and carried out searches during which stolen vehicles and parts were found. They also revealed items used to steal cars, such as a GPS jammer and a device for detecting the GPS signal. “

“As a result of the action taken, the criminal police from the Gubin police station recovered a stolen Audi Q7 car worth nearly PLN 130,000. During the activities, they revealed, inter alia, a jammer for GPS signals and various tools used to steal vehicles”.

These are only selected fragments of official announcements from the website of the National Police Headquarters. Policemen specializing in combating car crime confirm that in response to the growing number of GPS / GSM location systems, thieves are equipped with jammers of such signals as a standard. You can check how jammers work and how effective they are in the article Tajemnice złodziei samochodów: jak działają zagłuszarki sygnału GPS/GSM?

Fortunately, for car owners, there is a solution that is resistant to GPS / GSM jammers. It is a radio monitoring system based on dedicated frequencies. In its case, the jamming equipment used by criminals turns out to be helpless. Evidence? Here you go! The photos below may not be the most beautiful, but you can be sure that they were taken during the actual recovery of stolen vehicles.

As a result of the use of the radio system, more than 90 percent of cars are recovered within 24 hours of reporting the theft. Some of them are located relatively close to the place of the disappearance, because thieves leave the cars to “cool down”, checking that the police are not tracking them in cooperation with a company dealing with monitoring. Criminals who are in too much of a hurry to fence their vehicles are most often caught red-handed in the chop shops.It is possible, among others thanks to the fact that the system sends an alert about GPS / GSM jamming (which for the operator is basically evidence of theft taking place), and then radio tracking resistant to such jamming enters the action.

BMW M5 „exported” to Lithuania

Despite the fact that the car was hidden in a chop shop near Kowan in Lithuania, and the thieves activated the GPS / GSM jammer when the car was being stolen in Warsaw, BMW M5 was found thanks to the GanTotal system.

Thieves jam mightily

Corolla with engine start alert

The monitoring system installed in the stolen Toyota Corolla, despite the jammer used by thieves, sent an alert that the engine was started in the secured vehicle. This allowed the Gannet Guard Systems team to undertake a pursuit action in cooperation with the police. The car was recovered.

Thieves jam mightily

Mustang stolen with the use of a straw person method 

This Ford Mustang was rented by a straw person, and the car was taken over by the thieves, using, of course, a jammer. An indication of the theft was the GPS / GSM jamming alarm. Since the car was equipped with Gan Total, which also includes jamming-resistant radio monitoring, the car was tracked down.

Thieves jam mightily

BMW X5 hidden in a garage

What was the surprise of the SUV owner who had parked the BMW X5 on one of the streets of the Silesian agglomeration and did not find it there the next morning. The use of a jammer by the thieves, which was still on at the time of locating the BMW, was to no avail.

Thieves jam mightily

Lexus found in an hour and a half 

Stolen at night, found at night – within an hour and a half to be precise. This is the story of  Lexus RX stolen with the use of a jammer.

Thieves jam mightily

Volvo excavator 

It was quick action. A stolen Volvo BL71 construction machine was tracked down and the police came on the spot. The jammer visible in the photo was all for nothing.

Thieves jam mightily

Mazda from a plane 

It was not easy to track down this Mazda 3 … For this purpose, both car radio-tracking units and an airplane with the apparatus allowing to locate a stolen vehicle were engaged. The car was recovered with the participation of members of the Bushido police unit. Jammer? Oh, yes, this time in the trunk.

Thieves jam mightily

Mercedes wrapped up in silver foil

The thieves used protection – in their opinion – level max. While stealing a Mercedes S-Class, they not only used a jammer, but also covered the car with aluminum foil. But it was to no avail.

Thieves jam mightily

Moving X6

This tracking was peculiar because BMW X6 left its hiding place where it had already been located. The use of a plane with the tracking set made it possible to track the car again. Despite the GSM / GPS / RF jammer used by the thieves, the GanTrack module installed in the X6 fulfilled its task.

Thieves jam mightily

Two in one 

As part of the search for the stolen Toyota Land Cruiser, the Gannet Guard Systems team tracked not only this car, but also a Kia Sportage stolen from the same customer. And all this despite the jammers still operating …

Thieves jam mightilyAnd this despite the jammers still operating …Thieves jam mightily