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GanTrack radio-based system
the most effective after-theft tracking system

GanTrack is a radio-based after-theft vehicle tracking system, which allows for quick recovery of property. The locator makes it possible to find a missing vehicle by using a radio frequency band, which cannot be jammed even by jammers commonly used by thieves. Unlike the standard GPS / GSM locator, the GanTrack module does not lose its range in underground garages or steel containers – radio signals escape even through micro-cracks, which makes effective tracking of a vehicle possible. 

At the time of installation, the device goes into sleep mode and is activated by the Gannet Guard System units only after the theft has been reported. This action on the one hand prevents a thief from finding the place where the locator was installed, and on the other hand provides full privacy to the user of a vehicle. 

An additional advantage is its own independent power supply. The battery lasts up to 5 years. The sensor does not interfere with the factory electrical installation, so it is useless to disconnect the battery. A client in whose vehicle the GanTrack system is installed does not have to worry about losing the manufacturer’s warranty.

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Below are examples of vehicles recovered using the systems of Gannet read more
Lexus RX o
Kwi 2022 |

Lexus RX

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Renault Megane odnalezione przez Gannet Gu
Mar 2022 |

Renault Megane

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BMW M4 odnalezione przez Gannt Gurad Systems we Francji
Mar 2022 | France


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Mar 2022 | Mazowieckie and Podlaskie voivodships


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vehicle tracking system using radio communication. The locator makes it possible to determine the location of a missing vehicle in a few minutes and return it to the rightful owner. GanTrack is resistant to intentional interference (signal attenuation) – the signal will not be interrupted even in underground garages and steel containers.

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auto ciężarowe


it is an innovative GPS device for monitoring mobile and stationary objects of observation. With its help, you can fully monitor the work of a car park (in their case it plays the role of a GPS for a passenger car, truck, construction machine or agricultural equipment).

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24 h


probably the best system on the Polish market that allows a car to be protected against theft. This unique radio location system works in conjunction with GSM and GPRS monitoring systems. It is not just a car GPS – it is suitable for protecting all types of cars, including passenger cars, trucks, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, and even boats and cutters.

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Gannet Guard Systems - we know
everything about GPS vehicle monitoring!

Gannet Guard Systems is a leader in the development and implementation of transport monitoring automated systems. With our products you can easily control the work of the entire car park or determine location of a stolen car. All our efforts are directed towards the implementation in Poland of the latest GPS vehicle monitoring systems, and also towards the provision of comprehensive services in the field of car support and protection. Our goal is to create a uniform system of monitoring and protection of vehicles, both within the country and abroad.

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Every business in the field of transport requires substantial material and physical expenses. That is why it is very important to take the optimization of this process seriously. Thanks to our automatic GPS system for car tracking, you can easily control the movement of each car online. In this way, the following threats are excluded:

  • delayed arrival at destination;
  • excessive fuel consumption;
  • unplanned stops;
  • deviations from the designated route;
  • vehicle theft.

GPS transmitter for car – the latest development in the field of innovative technologies, created to meet the needs of the modern transport logistics market, which worked well in Western European countries. Thanks to the activities of our company, this product has become available to all managers of domestic car transport companies and private individuals owning a car.

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We have been trusted by companies from the transport, leasing, insurance industry, car dealers and sellers of construction and agricultural equipment of the best brands in the world.