GanFleet Light

GanFleet Light

Effective fleet management

GPS vehicle monitoring

GanFleetLight is one of the basic GPS locators installed in vehicles. The device is characterized by small dimensions. The transmitter is additionally equipped with a module with a backup battery and GSM jamming detection function, which allows detecting an attempt to steal a vehicle.

GanFleet Light devices are especially recommended for large companies that are looking for a solution that ensures effective fleet management. This model of the GPS system will work great as a vehicle security for insurance or leasing companies, perfectly meeting the industry requirements. GanFleet Light is a guarantee of efficient work focused on car monitoring – the most accurate projection of its position.

Main advantages of GanFleet Light: 

  • possibility to set 50 zones of vehicles work – defining geozones 
  • small size 
  • quick and easy installation
  • built-in motion sensor allowing detection of vehicle movement and towing
  • event memory: 5000 fully remembered actions
  • reliable object location: 24h/7 days