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After-theft radio tracking system


GPS vehicle monitoring


After-theft radio tracking system

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GPS vehicle monitoring

GanFleetS is an innovative GPS device for vehicle location and management of all movable property. The module is equipped with a durable battery with a long life (up to 3 years) and therefore does not require connection to the vehicle’s power source. Allows continuous monitoring of valuable resources. It effectively protects boats, construction machinery, containers, trailers, heavy equipment, trains, ATMs and even travel luggage.

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Why should you install the GanFleet S system?

The GPS locator we offer is distinguished by high durability and long battery life, which should be replaced every 3 years. Thanks to this, the module does not require a power source and can be installed basically anywhere. It is also possible thanks to its durable housing, resistant to moisture, wind or extreme temperatures, in which all the components of the GanFleet S module fit.

The assembly and disassembly of the device do not cause any problems and everyone can quickly carry them out on their own. It has been equipped with built-in holes for clamps and the possibility of connecting a magnetic housing. The service of the module is kept to a minimum – you just need to install it and replace the battery if necessary.


GanFleet S products are used in the fields of security, logistics, transport and distribution, for investigations carried out by the police and special services, in the supply chain, etc. Among the best applications in the field of resource tracking are:  

Features of our car alarms:
  • durability and service life (up to 3 years without charging)
  • our module is a stand-alone tracking device – it can be installed without a power source
  • highly durable casing with IP67 protection degree, resistant to atmospheric influences, housing all components of the module
  • easy installation, built-in holes for cable ties and the option of connecting a magnetic housing
  • quick and easy disassembly
  • minimal service

Main advantages of our GanFleetS