Are you wondering if vehicle and object location systems really work? The following cases are tangible proof of this. For many years, our GanTrack radio post-theft tracking system makes it possible to instantly find cars, motorbikes, construction machinery, boats, and many other vehicles – even those hidden in underground garages or closed metal containers.

How does a vehicle tracking action look like?

It is enough to install the module emitting a radio signal in a car. It says asleep on a daily basis – we activate it only after receiving a theft report. Your only task is to inform us about the diseppearance of  a vehicle, and the rest will be handled by Gannet Guard Systems in cooperation with the local police department. Many vehicles are found within 24 hours of reporting, although it often takes less time to track a car – our record is only a quarter of an hour! We find vehicles not only in Poland, but also throughout Europe. See for yourself!