Jaguar E-Pace

Recoveries of Vehicles with Gannet Guard Systems

Maj 2021

Found: Jaguar E-Pace

  • region: southern France
  • found in: 20 h 00 min

On May 13, the suspicion of the theft of a Jaguar E-Pace belonging to one of the Polish rental companies was reported to the Gannet Guard Systems headquarters.

The car – as part of a long-term rental – was used in France. Despite the probable use of jamming GPS / GSM signals, the car was located at the French-Spanish border. It was possible thanks to the GanTrack radio tracking system, which is part of the GanTotal monitoring system. When employees of the car rental company went by plane to the Jaguar location indicated by Gannet Guard Systems, it turned out that a man wanted by an arrest warrant was driving the car. The man was detained by the French police and the car was taken to the police parking lot. It will be returned to its rightful owner upon completion of the legal procedures.

SYSTEM: GanTotal


To find this car we used our system
GanTotal Gannet Guard.

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