E-TOLL for trucks and buses –ZSL locator

GanFleet monitoring pojazdów GPS
For the proper operation of the E-TOLL system in trucks and buses, it is necessary to use an external ZSL locator, which is installed in a vehicle, in order to then register the user (private person or company) in the e-TOLL system and assign the locator to a given vehicle. Only after such activities, it is possible to fully integrate the operation of the innovative method of tolls for toll roads, because the ZSL locator efficiently and quickly transmits geolocation data directly to e-TOLL.

ZSL locator on a permanent basis

ZSL locator is an e-TOLL device, which is permanently connected in trucks, with the possibility of connecting to digital tachographs and CAN vehicle computers. These possibilities ensure a constant power supply, so you do not have to remember to constantly charge the device.

We provide instructions explaining how to use the ZSL locator with all products for trucks and buses. Installation should be carried out in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

ZSL located to the Internet

ZSL locator is permanently connected to the Internet, so we do not have to worry about its proper functioning on every section of the route. We have uninterrupted access to the mobile application and website, where we will not only register the user, but also buy a motorway e-ticket and check its validity. The use of such an innovative payment method provides users with comfort while driving on toll roads and a guarantee of quality – all devices offered by our company have been tested by state institutions. The correct course of the tests resulted in the devices being approved for use.