e-TOLL devices

E-TOLL device

GanFleet monitoring pojazdów GPS

Our company Gannet Guard Systems is a supplier of e-TOLL devices responsible for an innovative system of electronic toll collection for the transport of vehicles over 3.5 tons on toll road sections in Poland – managed by the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways.

The e-TOLL GPS system is most often used in the transport of passengers and goods by the drivers of:
• trucks;
• delivery vehicles.
• buses.

And also owners of passenger cars.

Operation of e-TOLL systems

Functioning of the e-TOLL collection system is possible thanks to satellite determination of the user’s position. How? The transfer of location data to the system takes place via applications connected to the Internet – installed on mobile devices or special ZSL locators in trucks, which are external location systems that are permanently connected to vehicles, digital tachographs or CAN computers. This operation is also possible in on-board OBU devices installed in passenger cars and trucks.

User or company registration in the e-TOLL system can be done via an internet account or a trusted profile. Our specialists have prepared an attractive sales offer for devices that allow easy e-TOLL operation. Contact us and see for yourself how efficient and easy it is to integrate with the e-TOLL system!

The advantages of e-TOLL devices

The advantages of E-Toll system devices are based primarily on versatility – a fixed connection to the Internet provides the ability to use the system on each route. In addition, these devices are comfortable, safe, and intuitive, and the fast and simple user or company registration gives you the opportunity to use their functions in just a few moments.

The E-TOLL GPS equipment we offer is also a guarantee of quality – all devices approved for use have been tested by state institutions for the e-TOLL system.
Do you have any additional questions regarding the e-TOLL system and dedicated devices that make it possible to pay road fees? Read the information on the website or contact us, and then order one of the products we offer.