GanFleet BEE

GanFleet BEE

GPS GSM locator for hives


The GanFleet BEE locator is a self-powered device of small size, designed to monitor hives.

By using the mobile application, the system will allow you to be informed about:

  • disassembly of the device from a hive
  • unauthorized movement of a hive
  • overturning of a hive

An important aspect of the operation of GanFleet BEE is the logic of its operation based on the possibility of locating the device after the occurrence of each of the above-mentioned alarms. Combined with the capabilities of the mobile application equipped with the precise Google Maps, this will allow you to find a hive yourself, e.g. in the event of theft and to monitor the temperature in a hive.

In addition, GanFleet BEE operates based on the networks of four major GSM operators in Poland (Orange, Plus, T-Mobile, Play), which minimizes the risk of being out of range of the GPS monitoring system. The product works throughout Europe without restrictions and has a built-in SIM card

  • easy self – assembly or installation by a professional installer

  • own, independent power supply ((battery up to 10 years)

  • activation of the device via www form

  • no unnecessary formalities, no contract

  • low cost (from PLN 800 net)

  • first year subscription free

  • alarm central unit 24h / 7 days a week

  • 24 months device warranty


Technical Specifications

Batteryfrom 4Ah to 68Ah
Water resistanceIP67 standard
GSM locationyes
Location accuracyup to 2 m
NotificationsSMS, email, VMS, 24h alarm central unit
Battery life upto 120 months (10 years)
Dimensionsfrom 6,2 cm x 6,3 cm x 2,3 cm


Information about the location of the device can be checked online via the internet platform, as well as a mobile application designed for devices with Android and iOS systems.


  • location after theft
  • logging the history of unauthorized movement
  • SMS and VMS notifications and alerts,
  • PUSH, 24h alarm central unit
  • access to the iOS, Android mobile application
  • own power supply – battery up to 10 years
  • certified device