The most effective vehicle location system


  • unique solution, not offered by other manufacturers 
  • combination of radio technology and GPS
  • current monitoring and location after theft (impossible to be jammed) 
  • access via website and mobile application

The GanTotal security system is the most modern car protection against theft on the Polish market. It is a unique, original radio location system connected to the GPS / GSM monitoring system, which has its own independent battery power supply. It was certified by PIMOT Automotive Industry Institute – from which GanTotal received the highest “EXTRA” class. 

The system provides protection for all types of cars, trucks, construction and agricultural machinery as well as boats. Why choose GanTotal for vehicle monitoring? Because the best protection against theft is a system that combines the GanTrack radio system and GanFleet GPS.

When a thief gets into a car, its owner is automatically notified of the violation of a vehicle zone. Even if somehow the thief starts the engine and leaves, the radio system will track the car and the intervention groups will inform the police about the location of the stolen vehicle. Thus, the GanTotal GPS system is a unique solution when it comes to vehicle protection and tracking.

The main advantages of GanTotal:

  • current vehicle monitoring throughout Europe
  • sending information about an active car alarm (SMS, email)
  • maintenance-free after-theft car tracking system (we have our own intervention groups and cooperate with the police)
  • Polish borders control system (GanFleet)
  • GanTotal is produced in Poland and Lithuania. The design and quality of the product have been confirmed by many certificates

What do you get?


Radio and GPS location

The only system on the market in this configuration. The combination of the advantages of two technologies increases the efficiency and effectiveness of GANTOTAL.

odzyskanie pojazdu

Effective vehicle recovery

The most effective after – theft tracking system. 98 percent of stolen vehicles are tracked and recovered within 24 hours of reporting theft.


Reliable work in all conditions

Works in the most extreme conditions, including in the case of placing a monitored vehicle in a container or underground parking lot.

lokalizacja pojazdu

Precise vehicle location

Vehicle tracking is possible with an accuracy of 3cm, which prevents mistakes in determining its actual position – even if there is a row of adjacent garages.

przeniesienie modułu

The module can be moved to another vehicle.

Thanks to independence from on-board systems, the module can be reinstalled to another vehicle, which increases the mobility of the solution.

zarzadzanie flotą

Effective fleet management

Thanks to the use of the monitoring system, it is possible to increase revenues resulting from the optimization of activities and expenses. This is important in gaining competitive advantage.


Reduction of fleet maintenance costs

Reduction of fuel expenses and vehicle servicing by up to 30%.


Increase of security

Constant monitoring of drivers and transported cargo reduces the risk of abuse.

dostęp online

Online access

Reliable location 24 hours a day. Our system allows you to view the monitored parameters via the internet platform and mobile application


Setting alarms

The system makes it possible to set notifications of selected events related to the use of a vehicle such as towing, starting at night, opening of a transport space, rapid fuel loss in the tank.

geo strefy


It is possible to set up to 100 zones (e.g. city, construction site, machine park), when leaving the zones, an appropriate notification will be sent



Solutions tailored to the client’s needs and expectations, taking into account their current and potential needs.


Certified quality

Certified by PIMOT and the Kielce University of Technology