e-TOLL systems for passenger cars

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E-TOLL systems for passenger cars operate thanks to on-board OBU devices and external ZSL location systems – dedicated mainly to trucks and delivery vans. They are used primarily for the electronic system of calculating tolls for toll roads included in the e-TOLL.

The main advantages of the OBU on-board devices include, first of all, the ability to accurately track events in real time, which significantly improves the covering of the designated route and settlements with the electronic toll collection system. In addition to it, the e-TOLL system for passenger cars – based on the OBU device, being GNSS class equipment – allows easy access to the mobile application and website.

For the proper operation of the system, it is necessary to register in the e-TOLL system, as well as to assign an on-board device or a special ZSL locator to the selected vehicle.

OBU on-board equipment offer

The OBU on-board devices we offer have passed the necessary tests for the e-TOLL system, thanks to which they have been approved for use – they are safe, failure-free and easy to install.

OBUs are portable devices that can be connected to the cigarette lighter or installed on their own. The products we deliver are accompanied by instructions explaining how to use the OBU – the installation should be carried out in accordance with the instructions in the manual prepared by the manufacturer.

Is it worth buying an OBU on-board unit?

Yes! Modern OBU on-board devices – along with the implementation of the EETS system – enable the standardization of the form of payment for the toll, which is appreciated by drivers all over Europe. The device takes up little space, is intuitive to use and, in addition, does not limit the driver’s field of view while driving.

Moreover, comfort is one of the greatest benefits of using OBU on-board devices. You do not have to pay a toll at each gate on the route – the device proposed by us will do it for you!