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GanTrack it is a radio based system for the location of stolen vehicles, which allows for quick recovery of stolen property. The unit bases its operation on radio frequencies bands that even jammers cannot overcome. Unlike standard locating tools like GPS/GSM, the GanTrack module does not lose coverage in the underground garages or steel containers. At the time of installation the device goes into the so – called ‘sleep mode’ and is activated by the GGS units only after the notification of theft . This action prevents a thief to find the place where the module is installed in the vehicle and does not arouse suspicion. Another advantage is its own independent power supply. The battery runs for 36 months. The module does not intervene in the factory electrical system of the vehicle so disconnection of the battery is of no benefit. In addition to it, we do not have to worry about losing manufacturer’s warranty.

What are the benefits of installing a radio car locator?

The fear of theft of a car, motorcycle, construction or agricultural machine or other vehicle is a problem that causes sleepless nights for many owners of valuable or essential vehicles. Installing the GanTrack module, which allows you to locate the car after the theft, will allow you to sleep well. Even if the thieves manage to defeat security and steal the car, it will be found quickly – almost 100 percent of vehicles equipped with radio transmitters are found within just one day from reporting the theft. This effectiveness does not decrease also when the stolen vehicle is hidden in an underground garage or a metal container. The system is virtually maintenance-free. It is enough to put it in the car once and you can basically forget about it – until its use becomes necessary. Then you can congratulate yourself on your foresight and enjoy getting your lost vehicle back.


  • the ability to track vehicles throughout Europe
  • vehicle tracking using a radio signal emitted by the module
  • own battery power supply, independent on a vehicle power supply (battery works without charging up to 3 or 5 years)
  • car protection undetectable by GPS / GSM band scanners used by thieves
  • the highest efficiency in tracking stolen objects
  • vehicle tracking with an accuracy of 3 cmservice based on own infrastructure – the entire tracking action from the beginning to the end lies with Gannet Guard Systems and is carried out in cooperation with the Police


Effective vehicle recovery

The most effective after-theft tracking system. 98 percent of stolen vehicles are tracked and recovered within 24 hours of reporting the disappearance.

Independent power supply

It has its own power supply, making it independent of on-board systems. This means it will work even if the power supply from the battery is completely cut off. The applied battery makes it possible to work up to 5 years.

Precise vehicle location

Vehicle tracking is possible with an accuracy of 3 cm, which prevents mistakes in determining its actual location – even if there is a row of adjacent garages.

The module can be moved to another vehicle

Thanks to independence from on-board systems, the module can be reinstalled to another vehicle, which increases the mobility of the solution.

Undetectability of security

The module does not emit any signals, which makes it impossible to detect it using a GPS / GSM band scanner. In addition to it, it is not connected to the vehicle’s electrical system, so thieves will not be able to track it by analysing the electrical system.

No possibility of jamming the work of the device

Thanks to the use of radio signals, GanTrack is impossible to be jammed by GPS / GSM jammers commonly used by car thieves.

Discounts on comprehensive motor insurance

The use of GanTrack entitles you to receive discounts on comprehensive motor insurance in selected insurance companies.

Confirmed quality

The system has received certificates issued by the PIMOT Automotive Industry Institute, the Kielce University of Technology, and the Institute of Electron Technology. We operate on the basis of a permit issued by the President of the Office of Electronic Communications and a concession of the Ministry of the Interior.