Case 560 excavator

Recoveries of Vehicles with Gannet Guard Systems

Area of discovery

Cze 2021

Found: Case 560 excavator

  • region: Mazovia
  • found in: 2 h 00 min

On June 7, an operator of one of the construction companies stated that the Case 560 excavator was missing.

The machine was not used for several days due to the long weekend in June. The information about the theft was sent to the Gannet Guard Systems headquarters, which sent a radio tracking group to search for the vehicle. After about 2 hours, the excavator was located in Radziejowice thanks to the GanTrack radio module. Information about the location was provided to the special group from the Central Police Investigation Bureau. In a short time, officers appeared on the spot and dealt with further activities. Upon completion, the machine will be returned to its rightful owner.

SYSTEM: GanTrack


To find this car we used our system
GanTrack Gannet Guard.

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