Audi RS4

Recoveries of Vehicles with Gannet Guard Systems

Maj 2021

Found: Audi RS4

  • region: Lower Silesia
  • found in: 08 h 00 min

On April 23 in the evening, the Gannet Guard Systems headquarters received a report about the theft of an Audi RS4 belonging to one of the car rental companies from Poznań.

The next day, early in the morning, the location of the car was already known – Audi was in Zgorzelec. While waiting for the police to act, it turned out that the RS4 was moving, which was announced by a signal from the radio monitoring system. The car was tracked down again and recovered on April 25.

SYSTEM: GanTotal


To find this car we used our system
GanTotal Gannet Guard.

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