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Gannet Guard Systems was established in response to market demand related to ensuring greater security of people and property. We deal with tracking and finding objects, thanks to which it is possible to recover stolen passenger cars and trucks, motorcycles, construction machines, agricultural machines or boats.

Our monitoring systems are successfully used for fleet management by organized enterprises as well as private individuals..

They facilitate operational activities, make it possible to reduce costs, enable optimization of operations, streamline the decision chain, provide full control over tasks performed by employees and support business by increasing efficiency They also improve safety and facilitate daily work related to the use of vehicles.

We have been active on the Polish market since 1997, implementing solutions known in the West, including Scandinavia, where our know-how comes from.The first generation of the GanTrack module used to monitor vehicles has been entirely developed and manufactured in Norway to the order of one of the largest insurance companies – Union Storebrand. Originally, the module was used for geolocation of tourist boats and yachts As a result of further development, it has been applied in other market segments – starting from caravans, cars, ending with motorcycles or containers.

We are constantly developing our monitoring systems and expanding our product range to meet customer expectations. Effective protection of property against theft, as well as increasing the safety of children, the elderly and pets are the goals that we keep in front of our eyes.. In addition, we support the work of business clients – transport companies, construction companies and agricultural farms, facilitating the effective management of a fleet of vehicles and machines.

Gannet Guard Systems has the option to choose the radio exclusively.

If you do not know which of our solutions best suits your needs, we will be happy to answer any questions. A group of specialists dealing with the provision of systems for logistics and other industries related not only to transport, will prepare an attractive offer for your company.

Nearly 30,000 users have already used our devices. Thank you for putting so much trust in us!

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