The most often stolen cars in Poland!

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The most often stolen cars in Poland!

How many cars were stolen in Poland in 2019, and how many cars were stolen in 2020? Which cars are most often stolen? We got to the official police reports and now we know what the situation is.

Good news to start with: the number of stolen cars is decreasing year by year. The statements of the National Police Headquarters indicate that while there were more than 12,000 offenses “from the group of legal acts car theft and by breaking into” in 2015 (specifically 2,090), two years later their number decreased to 10,100, and in 2019 to 8,717.

Coronavirus and thefts

However, it is a poor consolation for those who have lost their cars as a result of the actions of criminals. Only from January to the end of March 2020, 1,328 such cases were recorded. It is interesting what the statistics for the second quarter will look like, i.e. the period when the coronavirus made its home in Poland for good, making it easier for thieves to work. How? Thanks to the possibility of legally wearing masks and gloves and by delegating police officers to new tasks resulting from the spread of COVID-19, car theft is no longer as risky as before.

Favourite car brands of thieves

Which cars are the most popular with thieves? The cars of German brands are in the lead, which is probably not a surprise: Audi, Volkswagen and BMW. Toyota is just behind the podium, with a minimal loss. The top 10 also included Mercedeses, Mazdas, Fords, Opels, Renaults and Hondas. Reason? These are the vehicles that are used on our roads the most, and it is for them that spare parts are needed. They come from stolen cars, usually dismantled into components, which are much easier for a criminal to fence than the entire car.

Nie brakuje też „smaczków”. In 2020, two Ferraris, two Lamborghinis and two Rolls-Royces were also stolen, which adds spice to the whole affair. The amateurs of someone else’s property were also interested in vehicles popular in the times of Polish People’s Republic : Wartburg, Trabant, Warszawa or Polonez. In 2019, three Lamborghinis, a Tesla and a Hummer were stolen.

– Regardless of whether it is a vintage, super sports or a luxury car or a car of a popular brand, it is worth securing a vehicle in the event of theft. Radio monitoring works perfectly well for this,as in more than 90 percent of cases it allows a car to be recovered in less than 24 hours – says Mirosław Marianowski, Security Manager at Gannet Guard Systems. He adds that the system is resistant to GPS/GSM jammers, which are commonly used by criminals.

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