Driving with e-TOLL. The whole truth about the new toll collection system.

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Driving with e-TOLL. The whole truth about the new toll collection system.

e-TOLL is a new electronic toll collection system that replaces the known for years viaTOLL. It is obligatory for motor vehicles and vehicle combinations with a permissible total weight of more than 3.5 tons. It also covers all types of buses. What is worth knowing about it?

The decision to introduce e-TOLL instead of viaTOLL was made a few years ago. Officially, the new system started operating on June 24, 2021. For October 1, 2021, the date of the final replacement of the viaTOLL solution by e-TOLL has been set.

e-TOLL is used to collect tolls on toll road sections in Poland. These are routes managed by the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways. Their list includes sections of the A1, A2, A4, A6, A8 and A18 motorways. There are also parts of expressways (among others S1, S7, S8, S11 and S22) and routes marked as national roads (DK).

For whom is e-TOLL mandatory?

The e-TOLL system is obligatory for all owners / users of motor vehicles. It also applies to vehicle combinations with a maximum permissible weight of more than 3.5 tonnes. It also includes buses, regardless of their GVW.

It includes:

1.Vehicles with a permissible total weight> 3,5 t and < 12 t, such as:

-passenger car with a trailer with a total GVM of more than 3.5 tons;

-microbus with less than 9 seats, with a trailer, with a total GVM of over 3.5 t;

-tractor unit with a semi – trailer with a GVM over 3.5 t;

-tractor unit without a semi-trailer with a GVM over 3.5 tons.

2. Vehicles with a maximum permissible weight ≥ 12 t, which include:

-truck with a GVM of at least 12 t;

-truck with a GVM of at least 12 tons with a drawbar trailer;

-tractor unit with a semi-trailer with a GVM of over 12 tons.


-coach / bus with a minimum of 10 seats (including the driver) regardless of GVM

-coach/ bus with a minimum of 10 seats (including the driver) with a trailer regardless of their GVM.

The e-TOLL can also be used by motorcycles, passenger cars and vans with a GVM up to 3.5 tons. It is a section of the A2 Konin – Stryków and A4 Wrocław – Sośnica motorways. Owners of e-TOLL do not have to stop at the gates. Details are available at etoll.gov.pl in the e-toll personal tab.

How does e-TOLL work?

The system is based on the positioning technology with the use of satellite location and virtual gantries. A vehicle that is required to use the e-TOLL is monitored. Its location data goes to the system via a free application on a smartphone or tablet (e-toll application). The e-toll device can also serve the same purpose. It is an external ZSL locating system or an OBU on-board device.

However, a failure of the GPS device does not mean that driving on roads covered by e-TOLL is prohibited. The trip can be paid without transmitting location data to the system. For this purpose, use the Internet Customer Account. In the “Complete trip” function, you need to define the place where the device stopped working. Then you need to select a destination. After that, you can continue your journey. However, the fee for it must be paid in advance. It is possible to declare a trip up to 3 days after its completion. However, this applies to exceptional situations. These include, for example, a case when a vehicle is involved in a rescue operation. The exception is also the use of a vehicle for the transport of live animals, milk, medicines, dangerous goods, concrete or municipal waste. The regulations also mention buses carrying passengers.

e-TOLL – registration in the system

To use e-TOLL, you must be registered with the system. The procedure can be performed in one of three ways:


– visiting the e-TOLL Customer Service Area

– with the help of a fleet card supplier.

Before that, however, you must decide on the device that will be used to transmit GPS data to the system. It could be:

– e-TOLL PL application (free download in Google Play and App Store) or

– e-toll OBU or ZSL device delivered by a company approved for the e-TOLL system (such as Gannet Guard Systems). All such devices have a unique business ID.

It is worth setting aside some time for the registration itself. Here is a step-by-step instruction.

1.Register and set up an Internet Customer Account (IKK) using the government website.

2.Specify the entity (private person or company) obligated to pay for using the system.

3.Create a billing account.

4. Assign a vehicle (s) to your account.

5.Choose the form in which the account will be billed, indicating (to choose from):

– prepayment,

– periodic payments with security.

6. Assign an on-board device to the vehicle that will be using it.

7.Activate the on-board unit. Follow the operator’s instructions or start using the e-TOLL application.

As for the possibility of registration in the system for companies using fleet card operators, it applies to a situation where the form of settlement is an account with deferred payment (the security is in the form of fleet cards). To register, please contact your operator: E100, AutoPay, Eurotoll, PLOSE, AS24, BP / Aral Cards, Circle K, DKV, EuroWag, LOGPay, Mercedes Card, MSTS, Shell, UTA.

Where to buy e-TOLL device?

You don’t have the e-TOLL necessary device yet? Take advantage of the Gannet Guard Systems offer. We are an officially confirmed operator of OBU and ZSL. This means that thee-Toll devices –that we offer have been officially approved for use (tested positive for the e-TOLL system.)

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