Helping others feels good.

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Helping others feels good.

When we heard that a car of Marcin “Borkoś” Borkowski, who is a paramedic, had been stolen, we could not do anything but react. We have secured his MotoAmbulance with the GanTotal system, which will allow the vehicle to be recovered in case it is stolen.

“Borkoś” has been working as a paramedic for many years. He also helps others in his spare time, using MotoAmbulans bought with his own money – a three-wheeled Piaggio scooter, which he has equipped with medical equipment. He drives through the streets of Warsaw , saving e.g. injured in accidents. Reports from the actions are posted on the Borkoś YouTube channel Borkoś na YouTube.

In mid-October, when he was on one of the patrols, his private car, Mitsubishi Outlander, was stolen.

We could not remain indifferent to this situation. We decided to help “Borkoś” who helps others on a daily basis. We presented him with our GanTotal system, enabling the localization and recovery of a vehicle in the event of theft. The GPS / GSM and radio modules, included in the monitoring system, are installed in the scooter, and as an additional security element we have added a proximity key fob, which enables notification of unauthorized vehicle movement. See for yourself by watching the movie.

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