The popularity of fleet monitoring systems will continue to grow!

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The popularity of fleet monitoring systems will continue to grow!

By 2022, there will be 15.6 million vehicles equipped with monitoring systems in Europe. More than half, i.e., 9.1 million, will go to cars traveling on the roads of Central and Eastern Europe and Russia, according to the latest report by the Berg Insight research company. Reason? Modern companies focus on telematics solutions, because thanks to them they not only have better control over logistics processes but are also able to save more money.

According to specialists from Berg Insight, the active use of fleet management systems in the Old Continent will grow at a rate of 15.2 percent year on year, and from 7.7 million units at the end of 2017 their number will increase to 15.6 million in 2022. In the case of Central and Eastern Europe and Russia, the growth in demand for fleet monitoring solutions will be slightly lower, but still impressive, at 13.5 percent year on year (4.8 million cars at the end of 2016, 9.1 million in 2021).

Why will the use of locating modules increase?

Forecasts regarding the increasing popularity of telematics in the service of fleets are based on the growing awareness of the advantages of this technology, which has a huge impact on the development of large, medium and small companies. In its assumption, location modules installed in vehicles and applications used to monitor the position and parameters of passenger cars, trucks and vans allow for the improvement of all logistics processes. The key to good organization of transports, the use of vehicles or planning visits is constant monitoring of the position and realistic assumptions about stopping times, distances travelled or time to visit customers.

– Location modules used in fleet management systems make it possible to constantly monitor a number of vehicle parameters, ranging from as obvious as its position, through working hours, engine start-ups, fuel condition in the tank and combustion, to the temperature conditions of transported goods– notes Radosław Stryjski, sales director at Gannet Guard Systems. – The use of modern fleet management applications significantly improves the work of fleet managers. The software makes it possible to generate automatic operational reports and determine the efficiency of employees using a given vehicle – he adds.

He points out that monitoring facilitates operational activity, allowing to reduce costs, enabling optimization of conducted activities, streamlining the decision-making chain and supporting business by increasing efficiency. The system ensures ongoing monitoring of the entire fleet of vehicles – with assigned employees and tasks to be performed. This eliminates the problem of verifying the actual effects of subordinates’ work. Thanks to the location modules and the “Visit” functionality, an employer gains an insight into the real places visited by an employee. As part of the reports on the efficiency of the use of the vehicle, employers receive precise information about the time and place of starting work, the distance traveled, as well as the exact moment of turning off the engine and the location where the machine was parked. Based on reports from a company offering telematics solutions, they can analyze the efficiency of all vehicles and their operators. They receive an insight into the statistics of working hours along with a monthly summary of parameters. In addition, they are also able to check how many minutes each day a machine worked ineffectively, i.e. it did not perform the activities intended for it.


The popularity of monitoring systems will grow not only due to the simplification of the work of fleet managers and the direct savings it brings. The use of location modules also improves safety. According to police reports, the most common causes of accidents are recklesness and overestimation of one’s own skills, including mismanagement of speed to road conditions and failure to comply with speed limits. According to research conducted by the Motor Transport Institute, almost 60 percent of motorists in Poland exceed the permissible limits in this regard.

It is not known what percentage of people who drive fast are company car drivers, but the common belief that a white car speeding in the left lane is certainly owned by a sales representative did not come out of nowhere. High speeds, dynamic (sometimes even exaggerated) driving, intensive gear changes and sudden braking can significantly shorten the life of vehicle components, which means that the owner of a fleet is forced to incur higher costs for maintaining the vehicle park. Not to mention the costs associated with damage to cars as a result of collisions and accidents that shut down cars for a shorter or longer period of time.

Monitoring systems are an effective tool for supervising driving style. – One of the functions provided by Gannet Guard Systems as part of the Eurofleet application makes it possible to report speeding on the basis of telematics data collected during the use of the car. his can be the basis for creating an incentive system for drivers based on gamification, preceded, for example, by an ecodriving course – summarizes Radosław Stryjski.

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