You can get an alert about a car theft!

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You can get an alert about a car theft!

The key to successful finding a stolen car is the quick reaction time of the tracking teams. Thanks to the newest technologies, location modules can inform about theft of a vehicle when thieves start their activities.

Car thieves are still active on the Polish market. Earlier this month, the Central Police Investigation Bureau (CBŚP) split up a group dealing with, inter alia, theft of luxury cars in Poland, Germany and Austria. The gang stole mainly Audi, Mercedes, BMW and Volvo cars, and the total value of the cars reached PLN 3 million. During the action, the police took over stolen cars, including Mercedes G-Class with a value of about half a million zlotys, and also seized components, including over 170 engines from vehicles of various brands.

Disassembly is the most common reason for car theft – vehicles are usually stripped down within several dozen hours from the time of theft. hat is why it is so important to react as quickly as possible to an attempted theft, and if it actually takes place – to shorten the time it takes to find a stolen car. This is possible thanks to the vehicle location system based on two modules – GSM and radio, which, however, does not track the location of a car on an ongoing basis, but only warns about specific, selected parameters..

– The GanTrack PLUS system is a classic radio module supplemented with a GSM module. Thanks to them, an owner receives a notification at the time of theft – about an attempt to remove the module, its jamming or unauthorized movement of a vehicle – explains Bogdan Kwiatkowski, sales director at Gannet Guard Systems. He adds that radio systems are extremely effective in finding stolen cars. Thanks to the use of dedicated radio frequencies, the devices remain in sleep mode until theft is reported. hey are virtually impossible to be detected by thieves, and the signal they emit comes out even from underground garages or containers.

Working on two different modules enables faster reaction of both the tracking teams and the owner, who, knowing that something is wrong with his/her vehicle, can, for example, scare the thief away. – In addition, any fear that a vehicle is being followed disappears. The GSM module monitors only selected parameters and supports the notification system – emphasizes Bogdan Kwiatkowski.

The system makes it possible to find a missing vehicle thanks to the use of radio frequency bands, which cannot be jammed by GPS / GSM jammers. An additional notification module makes it possible to alert about unwanted events such as disconnecting the main power supply, disassembling the device, jamming or loss of communication with the server. Thanks to these functions, it is possible to immediately inform a vehicle owner about the situation and start the procedure of tracking the stolen object using the radio tracking equipment. This will make it possible to find a car before thieves dismantle it.

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