How to deregister from viaTOLL.

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Until recently, drivers of buses, trucks and other vehicles with a total weight exceeding 3.5 tones had to use a special toll system, i.e. viaTOLL, which was based on devices collecting data from gantries on motorways. The system operated only until September 30, 2021. From then on, drivers must start using the e-TOLL system, which in turn relies on satellite technology. How do entrepreneurs have to introduce changes in companies and how to properly deregister from viaTOLL?

What must a user do to deregister from viaTOLL and receive a refund? 

The introduction of the e-TOLL system will bring many benefits to both entrepreneurs and drivers. However, they first have to complete all the formalities related to deregistering from the previously applicable viaTOLL system. The first step is to send a photo of the OBU, which shows a device’s identification number to info@viatoll.pl or kontakt@etoll.gov.pl. Then it is possible to get the deposit for the device back. The next step is to register for e-TOLL, which should be preceded by deregistering from viaTOLL.

To do this, send a signed form to one of the previously indicated e-mail addresses or attach it to the website etoll.gov.pl. Moreover, if it happens that a user is already registered in the e-TOLL system, he may also submit an instruction at the Customer Internet Account after prior authentication or deregister directly at the Customer Service Facility by submitting a refund order and attaching the signed form.

What will drivers gain from e-TOLL? 

The changes related to the introduction of e-TOLL seem complicated. However, in fact, they are a great help for drivers. Above all, it is a convenience when driving on toll roads, because thanks to it you do not have to remember to pay tolls. In addition, it provides constant access to the mobile application and WWW application and no need to connect devices to chargers – the ZSL is permanently connected to the power supply, while the OBU can be connected to a car cigarette lighter.