Which device to choose for the e-toll system.

Truck driver using an app

In October 2021, there were changes to the charging of tolls on motorways that apply to transport companies.It is about changing the previously operating viaTOLL system to e-TOLL. The mentioned system is under the supervision of the National Revenue Administration and is based on satellite user positioning, therefore it is easier to use than its predecessor. In order to implement in it in a company, it is necessary to have an appropriate device. Which equipment is the best to buy and does the e-TOLL require new equipment?

Why are the devices necessary to use the e-TOLL system? 

At the beginning, it is worth mentioning that the introduction of the e-TOLL system is primarily aimed at facilitating the work of drivers – thanks to it, it is no longer necessary to pay tolls at the toll gates on the basis of a cardboard ticket. The appropriate amount is charged automatically on the basis of an electronic ticket or in the e-TOLL PL application.

Thanks to the appropriate device for the e-TOLL system a driver and an entrepreneur have constant access to the mobile application and the www application. It is also worth mentioning that it is a convenience and time saved when driving on toll road sections. The operation of the e-TOLL system is extremely intuitive, and everyone can learn how to use it in a short time.

On what devices can the e-TOLL application be installed?

Lack of a device with the e-TOLL application installed in a vehicle over 3.5 tons may result in a fine due to the failure to pay the toll. Entrepreneurs have two options:

  • installation of an application on a mobile device, for example on a driver’s phone,
  • purchase of special locators (ZSL – external locating systems),
  • installation of on-board equipment in a vehicle (OBU – On-Board Unit).

Choosing the right device really depends on the preferences of a company or employee.  When deciding to buy a locator or an on-board device, it is worth choosing a product from a proven source, because it is necessary to have such equipment that has been tested by state institutions for the e-TOLL system.